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Openpilot ported to second generation of Chevy Volt

Level 2 autonomy for 2017 Chevrolet Volt with ACC

openpilot is an open source driving agent with a much better lane keep assist than Chevy Volt comes with from the factory, and a ton of other features. On a highway, you can expect to be able to let go of both steering wheel and gas/brake pedals for 6 minutes at a time. Of course, the driver must still keep attention and is liable at all times.


  • Get a Chevy Volt 2017+ with Adaptive Cruise Control package. Non-ACC Volt doesn't have a front radar.
  • Check out Volt's pull request and #volt slack channel for latest news. Ask a lot of questions, and suggest improvements to this guide.
  • Buy a panda and flash it with the Volt CAN bus forwarding firmware.
  • Make a voltboard (neo.sch, neo.brd, neo.pdf) and flash it with voltboard firmware.
  • git clone volt-devel branch to /data/openpilot folder on your EON/NEO.
  • Unscrew rear-view mirror, remove the front camera module outer cover, unplug the camera, and remove the camera mounting case:

  • Manufacture RJ45 to Molex 34825 adapter. On the adapter, short pins 5&7, and 6&8 (CAN_H "high" shorted to another CAN_H, same for CAN_L "low") to keep continuity of the "object detection" CAN bus.
    cat5 wiresignal
    orange stripeground
    orange12v power
    green stripeobject detection CAN low, can_l
    blueignition "car on", connect to "front radar enable"
    blue stripeground
    greenobject detection CAN high, can_h
    brown stripesingle-wire GMLAN
    brownfront radar enable

  • Pull out the interior panel to the left of rear seats. Locate the advanced safety control module (ASCM), right behind the storage compartment, and unplug the power connector. Don't unplug the other connector, to preserve the continuity of CAN buses on the second connector.

  • Short pins 6&7, and 13&14 (CAN_H shorted to another CAN_H, same for CAN_L) on the unplugged harness, to keep continuity of the powertrain CAN bus. Never drive your Volt without continuity of powertrain CAN!

  • Celebrate!


Lane keep assist system for cars with hydraulic power steering.

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